Audio Production


Zamar Studios Ltd. prides itself as a fully-fledged audio production house in Nairobi. The spacious facility is big enough to record anything from single voice-overs to a full band; and everything in between. The studio is  equipped with state-of-the-art equipment ensuring that productions are crisp and clear.


Zamar’s qualified human resource personnel possess a lot of experience in music (as an art), sound engineering and audio production. Being creatives, the personnel assist clients in developing artistic productions; which includes songwriting, arrangements and the entire production process. The personnel are well versed with a wide array of music genres and inculcate various trends into our productions.


Other productions carried out at the studio include podcasts, advert , voice overs (for documentaries, TV and radio shows, interactive voice prompts (IVRs), demos etc.), production of jingles and short films.