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Voice Over Recording & Production Agency | Nairobi, Kenya



The Voice Over Agency is a department within Zamar Studios Ltd., offering a complete solution package of the production of professional voice overs. Our solutions include:

  • A pool of male, female and children talents.
  • Production of voice overs in multiple languages
  • Development and editing of scripts to be voiced
  • The recording and production of voice over scripts
  • Production of custom jingles and beds
  • Local and remote direction of the voice over recording.

Why Choose Us

Spacious Facility

We believe creativity and space go hand in hand. No better place to express yourself.


We have invested in top-of-the-range gear so that your creative ideas can be captured with utmost precision.

Speedy Service

We endeavor to offer same-day service for voice-over productions.


Our Services


We provide the recording, editing and production of:

  • Podcasts: This includes recording both local and in-call (remote) hosts and guests
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR); also referred to as Virtual Receptionist
  • Commercials and advert voice overs
  • Documentary Voice Overs
  • Announcements
  • Audio Books
  • Musical covers and songs
  • Vocal production for in-studio dramas and films shot on location
  • Animation voice overs
  • Narration voice overs
  • Dialogues

Did You Know?

That you can remotely connect into the studio during a recording session, to listen in, direct or record?

Yes! If you are not able to come in to the studio, you can connect remotely into a recording session, either to listen in, to direct or be recorded. What’s more, you can !directly engage the artists and engineers during the recording session.

We make it easy for you to have your voice over or podcast recording without coming into the studio!

Thinking Man

Podcaster or YouTuber?

Hey, we got you sorted!!


A visit to our studio facility will get you recording in no time. At Zamar Studios, our focus is to get your content heard by your audience loud and clear. We place ourselves in the shoes of your audience, and discuss with you how best to create the content that will go out to them. And we are candid at this, because we want your audience engaged and coming back to you for more of your content. 

As such, before we begin, we hold discussions with you to understand your content and its call to action. This will guide us on how best to carry out the recording. We always advice our clients to script their content – Believe us, that dramatically improves how your content is structured. This ensures that your important aspects are well captured during the recording

We edit your recordings, as well as add additional music and effects to make your content lively. We custom make signature tunes and jingles, vocal and animation effects.

Pay us a visit today. Let’s get you podcasting and YouTubing! 





























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