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Rehearsal Space 


Zamar Studios has a spacious and fully-equipped live room with professional session instruments. We matched our equipment with that commonly found in gigs. As such, you will possibly experience excellent audio quality that enhances your creativity.


Rehearsing at Zamar Studios has the following benefits:

  • Large and Spacious Live Room
  • Access to 88-note weighted professional keyboards
  • Professional guitars, amps and effect pedals
  • Over 8 channels of personalized in-ear monitoring (on request)
  • Stereo or multichannel recording (on-request) 
  • Plenty of Aux Channels for external gear such as dum pads, music players, half-lives
  • Free parking on site
  • Easy access to public transport
  • Online Booking – Check our calendar and book at your convenience
  • Best Rehearsal Rates in Town!

In-Ear Monitoring

Are you using a half-live set-up during your gig? The hustle usually is that during rehearsals, you lack an in-ear monitoring system to aid you perfect your groove in sync with the half-live tracks.



Your rehearsal just became better with Zamar Studios’In-Ear Monitoring Set-up, with up to 9 simultaneous separate mixes.  Each member of your band can adjust their mix to their taste ensuring they groove right to the half-live tracks. Just download the M32Q app on Apple Store or Google Play Store onto your phone, and you are set to dial your mixes into your ears just as you like.


No more gigs half-prepared.. Just excellent gigs with half-lives. Book your session today!


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It is now easier to book your session at Zamar Studios.
Just navigate to the bookings tab on our website, and check out our calendar. If there’s an empty slot you wish to book, select it, enter your details, and the session will be reserved for you.
How about some convenience that saves you phone call charges, eh?

Our Rates

Basic Rehearsal

Kes.1000/ hour

All Band Equipment

Loud Speaker

Dynamic microphones

Aux channels

Stereo Recording

Kes.2500/ hour

All Band Equipment

Dynamic Microphones

Stereo Recording

Loud Speaker

Full Band Recording

Kes.4000/ hour

All Band Equipment fully mic’d

Multi-channel Recording

In-Ear Mix

Effect Pedals (Bass and Guitar)